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 A Mullard question
Hi all, My question is this: I realize mullard tubes...Did amperex and mullard ever join rank...
 Mullards for Preamp?
and just replaced the original Chinese tubes with Mullards...When I turn the preamp on to sta...
 Mullard NOS
someone please tell me the difference between the Mullard
 Mullard CV4004
upgrade de stock 12AX7 of my Primaluna Two for two Mullards
 Mullard CV2492 vs CryoValve Mullard CV2492
Has anyone found a difference between the Mullard CV2492...and the CryoValve Mullard CV2492?
 Mullard M8136
purchased a ‘matched’ pair of NOS M8136’s with the Mullard
 Mullard EL34
What are if any the differences in sound between the XF1 and the XF2?
 CV4109 mullard tubes
I was told the Mullard CV4109 are the premium grade...anyone have any knowledge about these C...
 Mullard xf3 codes
I have come across Mullard EL34 xf3 coded tubes...(smooth, uniform and detailed), but are the...
 Mullard Reissue KT88
Does anyone have experience with the new Mullard KT88
 Mullard 7247's
Does anybody know where I can find (4)12DW7/7247 Mullards
 Sonic difference Mullard
Hello friendsI am using a pair of Mullards 12 AX7
 Mullard New ReissueTubes???
I have seen these starting to pop up.There is a quad of EL34 of these tubes here at Audiogon ...
 Are All Mullards Created Equal?
Began a search for Mullard 5AR4, which a majority of...Is a Mullard a Mullard regardless of w...
Did somebody comared MULLARD and TESLA and what is...Mullard are far pricier but do they wort...
 How are Mullards supposed to sound?
decent but not as good as the stock tubes, and now to Mullards...tubes take a little while to...
 Mullard Tube Code Help
Could someone please help me identify the following Mullard
 Mullard EL-34 reissues
Anyone tried the Mullard EL-34 out put tubes.
 Replasment for Mullard Long Plates?
HelloI have a Hovland HP200p with 2x 12AX7 Mullard
 New Mullard Reissue EL34
Has anyone tried the new current production Mullard