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 Madrigal is Closed
Madrigal Audio Labs closed its doors today.
 Madrigal cartridge loading?
I have an old Madrigal cartridge and I'm trying to...Micro Groove, is set for a 20-30 ohm loa...
 Coincident or LAT or Madrigal
I also mention Madrigals CZ-Gel cable, because
 thoughts on the Madrigal Carnegie One
My local shop recommended a Madrigal Carnegie One with...Anyone here have experience with the...
 Madrigal CZ Gel interconnects
I know that Madrigal the company was bought out by
 Wanted: Madrigal Bridging Kit
I've looked hi and low for the required Madrigal Bridging
 Madrigal Mark Levinson out of business.
Dunlavy now Madrigal....Madrigal shuts doors By JIM HICKEY...A spokesman for Madrigal decline...
 Value of Madrigal HF10C speaker cable.
I have been using Madrigal HF10C speaker cables.
 Heard about the New 2003 Madrigal Warranty?
I just noticed something new on the Madrigal website...anymore unless you got the used piece ...
 Transport screws for Madrigal Proceed CD player
We have to ship a Madrigal Proceed cd player and don't
 Great service from Mark Levinson and Madrigal
would like compliment the folks at Mark Levinson and Madrigal
 Oracle Delphi Acrylic mat - Madrigal cartridge?
My friend thinks this might be an old Madrigal cartridge
 Madrigal Proceed PCD3 remote control... HELP
Hi,I need a new remote control for my loved Proceed PCD3 as the battery failed releasing acid...
 Madrigal cz gel 1 pro and mdc1, mdc2 ?
How do they sound with different brand? (no Levinson)