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 Luxman 550aii vs Luxman 550ax
System will be:Klipsch Forte iii > Luxman
 Luxman 507uXi vs. Luxman 507uXii
interested in comparison of one of these with another Luxman
 LUXMAN 505u?
im looking to pickup a Luxman 505u integrated. any
 Luxman m800a
Just bought Luxman m800a, would like to have opinion...Raidho d1 ,my source are playback desi...
 Luxman tables
Anybody have experience with Luxman tables from the
 Luxman Integrated?
I recently listened to a Luxman integrated and was
 Luxman M02
I have a vintage Luxman M02 amp that has been setting
 Luxman M-4000 and Luxman C1010
Hi, anybody have any idea about the value of these two units. They are both working, and I lo...
 Luxman turntables
I have owned a PX-100 Luxman direct drive table since
 Luxman M6000
Read it was a very special Commemorative Amp for Luxman
 or Luxman?
I have this device: May be a...
 Classic Luxman amps vs. new Luxman amps?
I know Luxman doesn't currently have much US distribution..., so I was wondering if any fans ...
 Luxman 505UX vs. Luxman 550AX Integrated Amps
I realize the Luxman's are very refined and have...out so basically what I'd like to know is ...
 luxman transfomer jumper
Hi does anyone know the jumper setting of the luxman...I thinking to get a luxman from japan ...
 Luxman or Leben with Devore?
Does anybody have experience with Luxman amps with...don't know of any Devore dealers that al...
 Luxman Tuner to buy
Would radio enthusiasits here - which will be a great Luxman...Tuner to buy - to connect a Cl...
 Simaudio or luxman dac?
I like what I have read about the luxman da-06 dac....Yet, somehow, I cannot wrap my head aro...
 Cords for Luxman integratred.
Just got a Luxman 507UX integrated amp....Thinking of just buying a Luxman power cord, either
 luxman SQ 38u
does anyone knows if Luxman SQ38u goes good with B&
 Luxman L-509X