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 HRS M3X vs Granite slab on HRS Nimbus?
I'm wondering if a 23x21" granite slab supported by HRS
 HRS M3 users
really thought it sounded wonderful until I tryed a HRS...The HRS was a superior product in e...
 Krell KRC-HR
Ok I feel dumb just set up my system a krell krc-hr
 HRS Isolation base
Anybody have any experience with this product? Your opinions would be appreciated.
 100+ hr of break in VS 5 hr break in, Help
I have a new pair of wharfedale diamond 9.6's that I and an audiophile friend broke in for ab...
 Michell ISO HR ...thoughts?
I've got a lead on a reasonably priced Michell ISO HR...Although I am generally aware of the ...
 Carver HR 895 Receiver?
Thoughts on the HR 895 Receiver?
 VPI HR-X with 12.6 or........?
One of these arms make a bigger difference then the HR-X
 HRS Isolation damping plates
wondering if I could have some thought and views on the HRS
 HRS ADH Record Weight
Lastly, I find it very interesting that HRS...I'm still waiting for a response from HRS what ...
 Sonicweld Diverter HR, etc...
I'm considering a Sonicweld Diverter HR, which
 Alphason HR-100S Arm
Can anyone suggest the method for adjusting cue height on this arm? I'm stumped and was wonde...
 Any Sunfire HRS owners out there?
I recently purchased a b-stock HRS-12 sub for HT, and...been browsing this site looking for o...
 Krell KCT versus KRC-HR
Then I upgraded my KRC-HR to the KCT....In some aspects like bass slam the KRC-HR beats
 Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) Platforms
trouble justifying another $7,000 for the lowest priced HRS...Has anyone had good results usi...
 Cartridge recommendation for VPI HR 6
I have a VPI HR-6 with JMW 12.5 arm and Audio Research
 krell kbl vs..krc- hr ?
another kbl to convert into dual monos..or a krc-hr
 Krell KCR-HR or Krell KAV280i
mostly happy with it, I would like to try the KCR-HR...280 being a couple of hundred dollars ...
 HRS Isolation Voodoo, anyone experienced this?
I was auditioning an HRS isolation platform for my
 Krell KRC-HR and Marantz TT15S1
Hello,I have a Krell KRC HR preamplifier with