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 Emerald Physics EP-X
experience with the Emerald Physics EP-X speakers
 Maggies - Emerald Physics
Have any Maggie owners heard any Emerald Physics
 Emerald Physics CS2.3 MkII
at RMAF 2013 and hearing both of his Emerald Physics
 Emerald Physics and Tube amps?
Considering trying a tube amp with my Emerald... Physics CS3s (95db efficient). Since
 Emerald Physics owners
that the Dali's have. The Emerald Physics have a boxless di...>Emerald Physics speakers a...
 Emerald Physics C2 or Usher BE-718
a lot about the Emerald Physics speakers. Has
 Good Preamp for Emerald Physics 2.3
that matched well with Emerald Physics CS 2.3
 Choosing between ATC or Emerald Physics
and Emerald Physics CS3. Now I have to choose between them... any suggestions ??
 Emerald Physics: Same as the Quads in the fifties?
to Emerald Physics speakers. But I have been reading lots
 Any Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 Owners?
on the Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 loudspeakers. Any owners care to speak out?
 reference 3a or emerald physics-monterey bay area?
or the emerald physics cs3 in the area - does anyone have either locally?
 HELP :: To set up Emerald Physics CS 2.3
to setup Emerald Physics CS 2.3 which I bought
 high end jbl or horns or emerald physics c1
of the Emerald Physics c1's. I still have my burmester 956 amp
 Recent purchase Emerald Physics 4.7's
Emerald Physics 4.7’s. The freight truck arrived... of Emerald Physics EP100.2SE amps all go...
 Tube amps good with Emerald Physics CS2 speakers?
Hello everyone. I just bought a pair of Emerald... Physics CS2 speakers, I know that these sp...
 Zu Essence vs. any Emerald Physics CS series
the Zu Essence or Emerald Physics CS-2, CS-2.3
 Emerald Physics Loudspeakers
Does anyone have any opinions on these speakers?
 Emerald Physics 2.3 or Magnepan
Hi,This is my first post here- I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. I am in the market ...
 Emerald Physics speakers
has anybody have opinions about these speakers? I have the upgrade bug again(does it never en...
 Emerald Physics and My System
Hi, I am awaiting arrival of the new CS2 speakers. Any thoughts from current owners on my exi...