Z squared AUAU gold alloy ICs, no image at all

I have just bough a pair of Z squared audio 2.0m AUAU gold alloy neutrik interconnects for my system. I put them between the dac and and the pre amplifier. I used to have a regular diamond back audioquest IC there. I put the z squared cable and the image lost a lot of focus. The voice was left to the center and the soundstage wasnt as clear as with the AQ. The sound lost the magic.
I would like to know if somebody has experienced the same with this ICs or maybe the cables need a break in. Or maybe Im doin something wrong.
Alan Brain
I was changing speakers, i move from a triangle celius 202 to a pair of tyler reference monitors. This is due to my new room that is too small for the celius. I try a lot of acoustic treatments until I gave up. Then I listened the Von Schweikerts VR1 in the small room and the sound was terrific compared to the celius. So somebody told me that If I liked the VR1s I would love the Tyler Reference Monitors. Then I bought a pair and they arrive in 10 days. Today when I was in the middle of the test with the Z squared cables my audio salesman arrive and took the celius to the store.
So, I will continue the break in process with the tylers in 10 days. i will let you know.
TVAD/Alanbrain , excuse my ignorance but what do you by the arrows pointing in the right direction? I too have the Z squared Neutriks and was wondering what you meant.

BTW... I am also very impressed with these interconnects. I noticed the sound is much cleaner wnow with the Z interconnects
If the interconnects have arrows on them,make sure they face away from the source!!
The arrows indicate the directional flow of the signal. Thus FROM the source TO the preamp/amp.
Enjoy them. They are excellent cables.
Boa2, do you know what the deal is with the Zsquared cables...are there diffent flavours of these interconnects? The Z squared interconnects posted on the "official" Z squared website ( www.Z2audio.com) appear to be a completely different cable then the Zsquared interconnects posted at:


I believe the oregondv is a distributor for Z Squared audio ...I'm confused. Are they different cables?... if so, which one's are you recommending