YG or WIlson to pair with my Pass INT-60


I'll have the opportunity to try with each speaker in person.  However, just was curious if anyone has heard the respective amp and speaker combos.  In specific, I'm considering the YG Carmel 2 or Wilson Audio Sabrina.

Just curious as to what people's thoughts /impressions were.

YG Carmel more detail,better stage my pick.

Very nice comparison- mdp632.

I am interested in the Pass Labs INT-60, so keep me posted, as you audition these speakers. Happy Listening!
You've read this, right?

Yes I've read that sterophile review. I don't know I felt it was more of a plug for the Prima Luna. Not like that was bad thing but , the Carmel 2 simply let's you hear right through the electronics.  I was shocked that a integrated tube was that good with the speaker but to each their own.

What may be of more importance is that it wasn't a plug for Pass Labs or tube amplifiers in general. Atkinson is a Bass player. His choice of listening material is like a who's who of recording / mastering engineers as well as his own recordings.

My impression of his review is that the Carmel is an incredibly fine speaker that needed a tube amp (which he's not a fan of) to begin to get some fullness of bass out of. Keep in mind the pros from Dover set the speakers up seven plus feet from the wall behind them. Maybe for a much smaller room?