Yamaha SACD players

Looking for feedback on Yamaha CD-S1000 and or CD-S2100, overall impressions, build quality, any issues and where did you buy your unit. It is my understanding that when it comes to the transport both S1000 and S2100 are essentially the same, what is your overall impression of the sound specifically of SACD's.
If using digital out and your DAC has decent jitter reduction, all transports will be identical. Of course, that doesn’t mean buy the cheapest one possible, as the better build quality of say the CD-S1000 will lead to less issues and a longer lifespan.
I have s2100.  Excellent player, and even greater value as I bought it refurbished.  Very organic sound, with adequate details/texture, deep sound stage, and solid base.  Balanced output is preferred, notable degradation in sound quality if you run unbalanced.  The player is designed for a balanced system.  In a fully balanced system, vocal is organic and natural.  SACD sounds great, wider/deeper/layered, and finer treble.  S2100 is on par with or better than any player I have heard under US$5000, albeit each brand has its sound signature.
Another CD-S2100 owner here.  

I’m very happy with it.  Balanced design coupled with great sound and classic styling.  

Mine was only single boxed although the seller stapled reinforcement to all edges which protected the player but kind of jacks the box.  

As others have noted load time is notably slow.  Toggling through the DAC inputs is minor.  My biggest complaint is the unit starts playing after boot on power up if a CD is in the drawer on power up.  I haven’t researched if play on power up can be disabled.