XLR out at DAC to RCA input at preamp

I need to run a cable from my dac to preamp. I’ll be using Neutrik adapters. I have xlr cables. Can I use an xlr ‘out’ with a single adapter to the rca ‘in’ or would it be better to use adapters on both ends and run rca to rca? Thanks
I've never had a problem running rca on one end and xlr on the other. You should be fine, the fewer connections the better.
If you use an XLR to RCA adapter, you should check with the XLR-device's documentation or manufacturer to find out if shorting pins or floating pins is the correct configuration.

Also, you will be getting the equivalent to using a fully unbalanced RCA cable anyway, unless for some reason the XLR outputs on your DAC have different specifications than the RCA outputs.
Sometimes your source XLR circuit may expect a load on that negative polarity XLR pin.  If you use an adapter, these output circuits may run hotter than normal (depends on how the circuit is engineer on the source/DAC).  "Shorting that pin to ground" may not necessary work on these designs since there is no "load".  The best way to do this is use a Jensen XLR-to-RCA transformer.
Iam using xlr from dac then rca adapter to preamp sounds good.
Thanks everyone. I have adapters being delivered today. We shall see. 
Got the adapters and connected the dac to the rca preamp. No noise or fire or anything weird yet. I left it on and I’ll check it periodically. So far so good. I bought the adapters from Markertek. Metal Neutriks For around $10 each.