Wyred4sound Sonos Connect Mod upgrade

I am searching for latest opinions on the Wyred4Sound Sonos Connect Mod upgrade. I have seen various older posts on the internet and also here on Audiogon- still not sure of benefits in my case. I have been using Sonos through a Reimyo DAP777 DAC with Spectral DMC-12 preamp biamped through amazing SMc upgraded power amps. I was recently told that I should get the Sonos Controller upgrade to get even better sound. I stream from a NAS and from lossless Deezer. Is it worth the trouble and the $500 expense ?
In my opinion it was a significant upgrade to the digital output.  Before the upgrade the sound was less clear, brighter and had a reduced soundstage.  Basically it sounded like older digital players.  After the upgrade everything improved and now my sonos connect sounds virtually the same as my very good cd transport and currently I listen to the sonos connect more than even my cd transport.  I only had the Wyred mod without the upsampling as I use a Metrum NOS DAC which does not upsample so I wanted the signal from the Connect to not be upsampled and be unadulterated.