Would self quarantine be a challenge for an Audiophile? Home detention even a punishment?

With all the talk about people having to self quarantine, I started to think about what that would mean for an audiophile, and Would it even be much of a challenge?
Normal human being - “I had to self quarantine for 14 days and I’m ready to strangle somebody.”
Audiophile version - “I cleaned so many damn records I had been meaning to.... adjusted my VTA and azimuth and my system sounds better then ever, and after listening to the entire Miles Davis and Coltrane’s recorded output, I realized I could have left the house 2 days ago.”

And would some white collar criminal on home detention even be considered being punished? I’d be so content stuck at home with great audio system, home theater projection, laser light and planetarium show, pinball machine, infrared sauna, massage chair, I may decide to commit some “victimless” financial crime just to play with the toys I don’t always have time for.
Glubson, Go troll someone who gives a crap. 

"You are obviously an idiot. No offense."
I suspect that was for me. Well, it is ok to copy my thoughts a few weeks later. They are not copyrighted, they are based on logic.
If they aren’t in the official results they don’t count. Hel-loo!
Begone, troll! That means you, glubson. 

"Glubson, Go troll someone who gives a crap."
Apparently, that is you. Calm down. Learn from those who know.