Wonderfully Euphonic Component Nominations

I am curious what components everyone thinks are the most euphonic. What components do you listen to for hours on end with no fatigue? What components are not accurate or neutral, but wonderful to listen to?

My nomitations are:

Every Cary Amplifier I've heard
Fisher 400
McIntosh 240
Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures
Proac 2.5's
Quad ESL-63's
Anything using Western Electric 300b tubes

Not to start this thread on a unpleasant note, but I find euphonic components irritating and boring to listen to. I believe their enough wonderful pieces today in our hobby that offer lifelike timbres,dynamics,etc., that have great liquidity/musicality without having to dull details/prat with a fat/overly artificial euphonic sound. Most listeners that I know who really enjoy this type of sound come from harsh digital front ends/bad in your face SS amps or speakers and therefore find sonic peace in their new warm/euphonic pieces. Hope this doesnot sound mean spirited, just honestly sharing my opinion.
I'll second the Vandersteen 2CE. My friend drives his with two Adcom 555 bridged to mono. Not euphonic amps by any means, but they sound great through the Vandersteens.

Teajay, interesting opinion but it doesn't have anything to do with the actual subject of this thread.
I have a pair of Diatone based loudspeakers I got from Japan, with enclosures from Wood B. Lansing. The Diatone is a 6 1/2 inch driver no longer made, and it sounds so musical that critical listening takes a back seat to enjoying the music.
I own a M. T. DAC and the tube output needs repair. Any suggestions? Please don't suggest I buy something else!
Creeper, I don't think I'm being defensive but my response was on the topic of this thread from a different angle. I have his historically listened to vandy's, non-upsampling tube DACS and highly regarded tube pre-amps, the last one was the Hovland, and found these different pieces just O.K. It's just personnal taste in the long run but I'm not looking for a "fat" overly warm sound in my system. The reference of live music has many colors/timbres not just one overall euphonic coloration. It has oftened been stated to try not to use wires in a system as "tone controls" because you can compound a present difficulty, I believe the same thing can happen when a listener uses a euphonic piece upstream in their system to get rid of harshness, glare, or an etched quality.
Most older Conrad-Johnson tube gear falls into this category. I have experience with the CAV-50 and EV-1, and found both to be pleasantly "big-hipped".
Sonus Faber speakers. To my ears, they posess a liquidity and warmth that make music a little more sweet than reality. But, who cares?!
I intended to post my query regarding repair on a different thread, but it somehow wound up here. Just proof that Pinot Noir and internet don't mix, eh?
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