Why so many used focals?

I look on the forums to read and learn about owners reactions about focals and compared to many brands there's little action which would make me think it's a small company... til I search on AG for used focal speakers and pages of used speakers come up! Are they the type of speakers that offer a clear upgrade path OR are they short term speakers that wow the listener early and fatigue in the long term?

I couldn't be in the same room with focal's from the 90's, but the recent speakers have been very pleasing to the ear in auditions. Experienced reply's would be appreciated and please no hating on the brand. Tks
Agreed. The Kanta No. 2 sucks, and I could only take 10-15 minutes of it, turning the volume down (on McIntosh electronics no less) constantly. I feel the same way about the Paradigm Persona 3F. 

It's not the beryllium. I use Focal Utopia headphones, so I'm familiar with the Be coloration (and use them on a neutral solid state amp).  
Focal aren't designed to work well with transformer coupled amps, especially the sorts that McIntosh uses. That's pretty obvious looking at the measurements. 
I am not familiar with their electronics, but know it was a solid state amp the dealer had set up. Can you please clarify?
Look at the impedance and phase angle plot. Speakers with high impedance will always sound bright on a transformer coupled amp due to their high open loop impedance. Beyond that, Mc amps are designed to be power sources, not voltage sources like what Focal designs their speakers using. The Sopra and Kanta lines were voiced using big Naim solid state direct coupled amps. 

I can’t recall the model of McIntosh amp I demoed on, but know it was a two-channel. However, I found a Stereophile review of these McIntosh solid state mojo blocks. See: https://www.stereophile.com/content/mcintosh-mc501-monoblock-power-amplifier-measurements-0

The output impedance was no higher than 0.20 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, resulting in a frequency response variation of +/- 0.1 dB, regardless of which tap was used. So I really don’t think that it would have made a meaningful difference with the Focals assuming the amp I listened on was similar.