Which to keep?

Thinking of downsizing my small vintage equipment and was wondering from others what to keep?
Vintage NAD  3020
Vintage Rega Planet 
JVC XL-Z1050
Technics SL-1700 AT14S Cart
Dual 510 Shure VST V 
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Ortfon 2m Red my only non vintage equipment. 
Thanks for any suggestions. 
I can't figure out why people ask these type questions. You have the stuff,you listen to it. Why do you need to ask others what to keep?
All sound good,guess from a value standpoint.That clear up the question for ya?
@tpreaves  + 1 

john421......which pieces do you use most ?    if you were to sell something that you have, how much do you think you will get for it ?

not trying to be rude here....but why cant members make their own decisions when it comes to this stuff ?        

Listen to them both equally and to be honest there are differences in sound quality but its very small.Yes I could take the time to mix and match but thought I would get advice from some experts to save all that.
"  I would get advice from some experts to save all that."

what you may like others may not and vice versa.

this goes back to the beginning of your thread.....make your own decision of what you should keep and get rid of .     

I honestly dont see what is so hard about this.      
Ok,sorry wasting everyone's time.Guess that's why everyone chooses USAUDIO MART now!
check your email.......
Hello john421 ...I would think that most people here have not listened to the components on your list...I know I haven’t ... so I cannot comment on the sound quality of the list at hand. With that being said...audio is such a subjective topic that you could get a 1,001 different answers from a 1,001 different people. I would go with my gut and choose and keep what best works for you in your own home,according to your own tastes,using your own ears ...
Good luck with your decision.