What phono pre am I looking for?

It needs to be quiet, fast, dynamic and not cost an arm and a leg, $1500? Plays nice with a VPI/dynavector 20x2 low without a sut. I listen and enjoy most everything but, the British Invasion, Willie Nelson, Gillian Welch and jazz take the cake. I have tubes, an LTA pre, decware set amp and omega speakers. 
The new channel islands peq-1 looks mighty fine and dusty uses the 20x2 as his personal cart, which can't be bad?  New or used no problem. 

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@jack43  "It blows the Signature away..."

Seriously? I've been looking for a Signature v2 and came across the F159, but I don't see how it could be better than the Signature (although I haven't heard either). I see you put some $$ tubes in it and I'm wondering how much of a difference that made.
I can't find any reviews of this thing.
The new Jolida 159F phono preamp is killer! The 159 refers to the 159th circuit Jim Fosgate has designed for a phono preamp--Foz is a legend in audio circles and at 80 is still designing audio electronics. Since the previous distributor of the Fosgate Signature Phono Preamp abruptly stopped its sale, Foz decided to get even with a superior design and the 159 is the result. It blows the Signature away and the price is an absolute steal.  

I've had mine (upgraded from the Signature) for several months now and those who hear it can't believe vinyl can sound so good. While the stock tubes sounded great, I replaced them with Amperex 7308 tubes and they took it into the nirvana realms. I have a Sota Cosmos, ZYX Universe and TriPlaner VII Tonearm in front of it.
Jolida advertises the 159 (can you believe 159 circuit designs??) here on Audiogon, so well worth checking it out. I'm just an audio freak with no connection to Jolida or Fosgate.
I'm curious about this as well.  It seems like the Signature is a very different design from the F159.  The signature is all tube with tube rectifier where it appears the F159 only has two tubes and mosfets and has a solid state power supply.  I'd be happy to believe that the F159 is the better sounding unit so if you could offer any more insight here, that would be appreciated.  
Micromega MyGroov is outstanding!! Got it for clearance price of $99 at Audio Advisor. Couldn't be happier.