What became of Mahgister?

I suddenly realized a few weeks ago that he was no longer with us. Does anyone know what happened?


May be spending all his free time on philosophical forums, applying philosophy to audio has limited bandwidth.

Hopefully at home ruminating about the equipment and add-ons he would like us to get to give us superb sound but spending next to nothing for it. I have a friend who copied a lot of his photographic endeavors that he had seen on his home system page. He then proceeded to let me have a listen to his fantastic new system  , result was tripe, all midrange and no bass or treble and it looked horrible. His wife told him to keep it till I had come to visit and give my opinion then it goes or there will be trouble. Needless to say he dismantled the next day never to be spoken of again.

Also he was the type of gentleman who you do not argue with because you did not get on well with him if you said you hated the music from certain composers. I had the temerity to say I hated one with a passion and he then berated me on the thread saying that no one should hate any kind of music and we should all accept it and listen to it as well. I HATE , Rap, Progressive Jazz, most music written at the end of last century and beginning of this. That's me rant over but I will not be told what I should like and not like.

Putting rap and jazz in the same thought tells me all I need to know about your tastes.

Both rap/hip-hop and jazz originated from the African-American community.... Personally, I much prefer rap/hip-hop to jazz, but I don't insist that anybody else share my tastes.