What age did the "audio bug" hit you?

I was always into music, and as early as 7 yrs old I would put 2 sources next to each other (2 tape decks or a 8 track, or recoed player) and fade them over each other and play "D.J." all day long, in High School I ran the closed circuit radio station and was the D.J. at the local YMCA for dances to raise money for our "leaders club" and did a few weddings here and there, then I was a D.J. at a lesbian bar for awhile (down guys! these chicks rolled their own tampons) but all the same I look back and I guess I was always some sort of an Audiophile...what about your stories???????????
Wow almost 6yr old thread is back up, ITS ALIIIIIIIIVE!
I started on this when i was 10. Used to play around with my dad's vintage A/v receiver.
i remember a crystal radio in the 50s that i hooked to a heater vent with an alligator clip as an antenna. i was 6 and listened to elvis sing return to sender and hounddog.