Tube amp selection- for Magnepan 1.6QR

I recently sold my Bryston 4BST and I'm planning on replacing the amp with a tube amp. I've narrowed it down to a few amps (so far) and would like some advice and opinions as to which would be the best for my needs.
System is a pair of Maggie 1.6QR's, Balanced Audio Tech VK3i preamp, Phillips 963 SACD. I'm using Signal Cables throughout and have a PS Audio 300 for the preamp and 963. I'm considering the following;
Cary 805C monoblocks
Jadis Defy 7

I'd like to hear from the community as to which setup would drive the Maggies with some authority. Would I be happy with any of the above, if so, why? Also, would anyone recommend not using any of the above? The speakers are currently in my bedroom, which is 15' by 20' wide. Not huge, but they sounded great with the Bryston. Anything else you want to add would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!
I've had different Maggie models over the years and have found that they usually work much better with SS amplification. I think there may be some tube amps out there that may work well, like the big ARC stuff, but at a pretty high cost. One of the best sounds I ever got with 1.6's was with a tube preamp (Audible Illusions) and ICE based power (Bel Canto). The Bel Canto had incredible control over the spekers and fantastic timbral accuracy... Good luck with your search!
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This guy (David) is the Magnapan and tube nutball. His demo room is incredibly reflective but I've never heard Maggies sound better, and I don't even like Magnapan. The last time I was in there he had some 2,0's facing each other or facing the side walls (I can't remember) perpendicular to the back wall. He had Linium drivers mounted on the top corner of the Maggies facing outward. Powered by some VTL amps and a VAC preamp. The sound was so impressive I was seriously rethinking my entire system on the way home.
Bob_reynolds, how the ZEROs work is they place the impedance high enough that the peak will not result in additional tube power- it will result in less.
VTL tiny triodes with my MMG' would think not possible. But it is possible. Maybe not quite enough amps realistically, but the pairing is great. Cheers