Transformers at the IMAX theater

Saw 'Transformers' last week. It was too much of everything...serious overkill. On an IMAX screen, the robots were way too big on the close-up shots and it was nonstop explosions. I might have been a better experience on a regular sized movie screen. A close-up of an already giant robot on a screen six stories high didn't go over so well.

I guess I've gotten too old.
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I don't think it's that you've gotten too old, it's probably that the show downright stinks!! Zero stars from Rolling Stone and one star from Roger Ebert.
Hitman hifi-

Did you happen to see the movie yet or are you going by what others say that have reviewed the movie ?

I happened to see the movie this weekend and while you cant compare it to the first one, it was still good in my opinion.

I just read Roger Eberts review of the movie and maybe this isnt his kind of movie and that is why he gives it a bad review ? If you watch the movie and then read his review, you might find that he either doesnt understand the movie or he didnt pay attention to much to it. As there are things in the movie that are pretty obvious and he didnt get it, and I could easily point out 3 things right now, but I dont want to ruin it for others that havent see it yet.

Review can be read here :
You would think giant screens would work well for watching giant robots, all else aside.

Overkill for MEgan Fox perhaps, if that is possible?
I tend to read and listen to certain critic's reviews first, critics that I trust, before deciding whether or not to $pend money to see a movie. It's more economical that way, don't you think?

Also, I don't think Roger Ebert is biased towards any particular type of movie. He wouldn't be respected as much as he is if that were the case.
The movie might have been better in a regular cinema, on a IMAX screen, it was just waaay too much. It was kinda like a naturally beautiful woman wearing waay too much makup, jewelry and perfume. I'm not panning the movie itself, just viewing it in IMAX wasn't a good experience. Wnen it comes out on Blu-Ray, I will rent it and see if I feel any differently.
Hitman -

I honestly think that if you were to go watch this movie and THEN read his review, you would see that he didnt pay attention to the movie at all.

Lethal Weapon, Terminator, all had sequels to them and while each one was different, they all had a new story behind them.....I think the same thing applies to this movie.

Also , check your I am sending you something to read.
I usually wait to see an intense action movie at least three times before forming an opinion.
I mean, there is just soooo much happening in movies these days that it's hard to take it all in from one viewing.

I've got to "learn" the movie before I enjoy it.
It was never intended for adults. You would need to ask someone in the target audience, e.g., a 9 year old boy, if it is "good."
The trick to watching IMAX is not to sit too close(you'll wrench your neck)or too far(looks like a regular screen). The cartoon(original and second version)were over-the-top and that's how the movie should be. To be any other way, wouldn't be true to the series.
If another installment is made, the Dinobots with Grimlock, Sharktacon's etc, should be introduced along with the flying city that's also a Deceptacon.
Bruce Lee's flick's had no reedeming quality except that you wanted to see him kick ass.