Too good to be true or what am I going to destroy?

I've been auditioning speaker cables for my hybrid estats powered by a SS amp. One set of cables is slighty 'too mellow' - another set is slightly 'too revealing'. I decided to experiment. On my bi-wirable speakers, I cross connected the two different sets - meaning the red from one set went to the red HF and the black went to the black LF - visa versa with the other set. These cables are radically different designs - and 2ft difference in length. Having never done this before, I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't accidentally kill my amp or my speakers. Results: They seem to have blended perfectly. So, what do I need to lookout for? This seems way to simple - simple scares me.
You won't destroy anything. The amp's 2 common posts are connected together already, as are the common leads of the 2 sections of your crossover network.
I think this means that the two black terminals are connected together internally in the speaker - are you sure you removed the shorting jumpers?
There's nothing wrong or dangerous about doing something like this other than wires fraying or connections coming loose and shorting the amp out. All you've done is manipulate the impedance that the amp sees as part of the total load. If this gives you the sonics that you were looking for, relax and enjoy the music : ) Sean