Time for a music server but what?

I have been putting tougher a system for sometime now (PrimaLuna HP, Sonus faber Guarneris at the heart) and mostly listen to an iPod (years of careful playlists) mounted into a Peachtree audio iDac. I also listen to CD’s with a PrimaLuna Cd player. All connects are higher end. Some of you may be rolling your eyes about poor Mp3’s but to the point.

It’s time for a music server but what? And will I need a DAC to help the server along?

I know I can load all my MP3 and flac flies on to a disk or SSD and off I go, and I know that Qobuz and Title will be a game changer.

What I really want is a way for my iPod files/playlists to migrate to a server but I’m at a loss how to do this.

I have no ethernet where my listening room is and no way to get it there unless I get a divorce. I wonder if using wireless will also further degrade sound?

Thus my head scratching and would appreciate thoughts on this. Thanks.