Tidal updates - check streaming settings

Twice in the last 6 months, after Tidal updates to their app, the streaming setting reverted to a lower resolution playback. I had to manually change it back. With the most recent update, the HiFi display on the main page remained highlighted even though it wasn’t playing back at the HiFi rate. A false positive. Be sure to check the steaming menu every so often.
Should it be at high or master?

Thanks for the tip.  Mine had been changed from Master to High.  Shame on me, I didn't even notice!
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You are more correct than you know!

Tidal also changed to "Loudness Normalization" Check that too.

Many thanks
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I'm using a browser to stream and it just prompted an update.  The Release Notes reference something to do with Audio Quality Selection... 

Release July 10, 2019 (v3.13.1)
 * Switch video playback engine
 * Remove Flash in Edge
 * Fix audio quality selection and display
 * Fix autoplay issues
 * Various bug fixes