Thumbs up for ultrasonic record cleaning

My Cleaner Vinyl ultrasonic record cleaner arrived today and it’s impressive.

Everything I’d read indicated that ultrasonic was the way to go, and now I count myself among the believers. Everything is better - records are quieter, less ticks and pops, more detail etc.

All my records had been previously cleaned with a vacuum record cleaner and were well cared for. Nonetheless, the difference is obvious and overwhelmingly positive.

Upon having everything filled and ready to go with the carbon filter I had bought before the old tank bit the dust, I fired it up and black water was filling the tank...... Note to self, (Always, run water through a new carbon filter well, before initial use). Now that is out of the way, the first thing I noticed is how quiet the unit is! What a welcome nicety.

I've not heard of using a carbon filter with ultrasonic cleaning.  Typically it is used for odor and taste in, eg, an RO system.  

With the Chinese tank, I found that running the cleaner while having the filter pump on for several minutes did a good job getting rid of the "slurry" in the bottom of the tank after sitting unused for several days.

I'm continuing my quest with experimenting. I'm still using a Hydronix 5 micron filter after the carbon filter. I think you mentioned earlier that you'd not seen anyone use dual filters before. Just hang with me bro.

No downsides yet.It may be that I'll later ditch the carbon filter?
@slaw In an RO system the charcoal filter is typically last in order to not introduce its ’fines’ (particulates) into other filters. Yet experiments are worth trying. Keep posting so we learn your results.
You seemed to confirm the reason I have my set-up in the way I do.