Threshold S/500 v. Rogue Magnum M-120 monos

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience comparing these two amps. We are using a Threshold S/500 to drive a pair of Innersound Eros and wonder if the Rogue Magnum M-120's would be a wise investment in terms of powering the esl panels and also providing improved level of performance and musicality on large orchestral pieces and jazz. Basically, should we stick with the 250Watts into 8ohm Threshold or perhaps upgrade to the 120Watts into 8ohm tube-engineered Rogue?
Can answer your ? But how do you like what you have now . I am thinking about getting the s/500 for my sound lab m1. Will they drive them right ?
I'm not so sure the change to "...120Watts into 8ohm tube-engineered Rogue?" would be an upgrade. Seems like the Threshold is more like Innersound's own amps than the Rogue is.
The Threshold drives our Innersound Eros very well, so I would think that they would do just fine on the Sound Labs.