Suggest SACD Player No Video, New or Used, $1kish?

Looking for suggestions for an SACD player without Video. Used in a 2 channel audio system, and many sacd players rely on video output for settings and moving in a monitor just to setup or make changes is a pain.

New or used is OK, $1K range is a budget but some lenience there is fine.

2 channel is the goal, will drive rogue pre and wyred amps, or rogue integrated and Magnepan 3.3/R's for output.

Any and all suggestions is appreciated
I'm a very satisfied owner of a TEAC CD3000. Great frequency extension (at both ends) + air, imaging and sound stage. The USB to DAC input is very good too. It will take some time to "burn in" (use an XLO burn in CD). I also found it to benefit from an upgraded power cord (went w/Shunyata Venom 3S) and balanced out (Cabledyne). Good luck in your search. I was also considering various Marantz units. Would have gone with one of those except a TEAC demo unit w/in-home audition opportunity became available from Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound. Went with the TEAC and have been very happy. See the review on Audiophilia.
Hi, the CD-3000 was the one unit I did not have a change to work with, it's dac specification is far above the CD-2000 and is most likely a fine unit. I personally just found that the large R&D, manufacturing expertise and operational refinement of the Marantz series to be hard to neat. Glad to hear that your CD-3000 is providing you good sonics.
Look for a Sony 595, its a changer, great chips, great sound, great value, maybe about $100
Hey Melmoth...appreciate the additional comments. I was really heading towards Marantz myself. Their stuff looks beautiful in and out and I read some great reviews on several of the pieces. W/respect to R&D there's certainly a well regarded Japanese designer (can't recall his name) associated with Marantz. On the TEAC side, the Esoteric connection is not to be overlooked although the Distinction series really does NOT share components with Esoteric pieces. Esoteric engineers reportedly consulted on the design of the TEAC series, however. The good news for me is I can't do A/Bs of TEAC vs Marantz so ignorance is bliss and I remain satisfied with the TEAC! It has worked out well in my system. Take care.