more sale?

I'm very happy with the most aspects of my system but want to hear the low organs in some Pink Floyd or the trance level bass in some techno music.

My issue is that I really value soundstage, timbre, etc. You know, all the things $3000 power conditioners and attention to cabling can bring.

Am I dreaming to believe I can buy a DD15 or Rel Stadium III and be satisfied, or do I need to buy two subs, or am I going in the wrong direction?

Have JM Reynaud Emeraude, ARC REF gear, Nordost and SR cables, Ayre CDP, VPI table.

Your speakers are TL design. If you want ultimate bass then you should avoid a small woofer with a TL. I'd suggest to get a sealed high end sub like a JL Fathom 113 and use a filter to remove the bass from your speakers below 80 Hz. Alternatively, get a high end used big box speaker with the appropriate drivers - a Dunlavy Sc-V for example.

It looks like your speakers are your overall weak link - at least in the bass department.
I am firmly in the stereo subs camp. Started out with one 12" and then replaced it with two JL Audio F110's. It's not that there's more bass with two than with one. It's more like I kicked the corners out of the room and expanded the soundstage by a bunch. Works on all kinds of music but of course on anything like Electronica it's just plain fun. I know below 100Hz or so bass is supposed to be non or omnidirectional or whatever but you may still be able to tell where it's coming from and that's why I think and hear stereo subs to be better than one. To each his/her own, but two definitely work for me in my system.
Maybe talk with Duke at audiokinesis and take a look at his solutions for bass;he will be a straight shooter and not jam his product down your throat to make a sale;might be worth a call.

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I am a previous REL Stadium III owner. My advise is make sure the room is set up properly including boundry distances and acoustic treatments. Although I liked the lower frequency of the sub, I could never get it to blend perfectly to my satisfaction. It was partly a room and speaker placement issue. I went back to full size floorstanding speakers with an improvement and then moved them into a dedicated controled space....more improvement.
Thanks for the advice and ideas. I have a little to learn before moving forward. The bass that these put out tops many other speakers I've owned from the like Totem, Devore, B&W, Verity, etc. Not that these are known for bass or have huge boxes, but I have to say that I am happy what they do.

I can feel the bass in the room, I've just been around enough to know that it can be better. I'm missing everything below 35hz but wonder at what cost will a single sub sacrifice the other sonic elements that I like. For instance how good are gadgets to adjust frequencies and how will that extra hardware/crossover/cabling detract from the overall sound?

Thanks again!
Aren't mixdowns pretty much mono below 80hz anyway?
Look into VMPS subs. They have the larger with both 15" and 12" woofers in the box. You can adjust any of their subs to integrate extremely well with any speakers in any room. They are powerful, dynamic, deep to 20 hz and can be quick to go with ribbon speakers or electrostatics. They have other subs also. You could have a pair of the largers with built in amps for under 1700.00. You'll love them.
Take a look over at They have a forum devoted to subwoofers.
To name a few, check out subs from Rythmik, Seaton's Submersive and the Epik Empire.