Stingray II vs Cary SLi80 vs Jumbo Shrimp + Mahis

Have a Stingray II with Merlin VSM-MXr/MasterBAM

How would a Cary SLi80 compare to the Stingray II ?
Stingray II compare to a Jumbo Shrimp and Mahi mono blocks ?
The Cary is too lush sounding in triode for those speakers. You wouldn't like it in utralinnear, either. The Stingray (with those speakers) is a better match.
The seps would be an improvement; but you really need to find a way to get an Ars Sonum Gran Filarmonia for audition. You will find a way to afford it if you hear it with Bobby's speakers. Beats out all the expensive OTL's he's shown his speakers with for years, easily.
I never really liked his speakers until I heard them with the Ars Sonum. The synergy is such that I could now easily live with this combo long term.
You could cheap-out and buy a used non-Gran, and then save your ducats for a Gran (not sure if you can upgrade); but the non-Gran would just be a teaser, I'm afraid.
I know I'm heaping on the praise; but it's not as much for the Gran and the Merlins as it is for the insane amount of synergy they share. It's incredible. Ask anyone who's heard them together.
One just listed today..