Spinning CDs with a Blu-ray Player

Does anyone know of a Blu-ray player that has a "repeat" indicator on its display that is typical of CD players?

I recently purchased a Samsung BD-P2500 and the indicator only shows up on the on-screen-display. Turning off the TV stops the player and it loses the repeat setting. There is no track number on its display either. Bottom line is that the Samsung is not useful to me for playing CDs.

Anyone know if the future Oppo Blu-ray player will be more CD friendly?
My Pioneer Elite Blue Ray shows repeat, track and minutes when CD is in play. It's shown on it's face, via built in display.

That being said, you can buy a tiny 7" LCD TV off of Ebay for about $49.00 and set it up behind and to the side of your Blue Ray and have a nice way of reading what's going on.

I have one of these tiny TV's because of my previous machine, the McCormack UDP-1. I didn't want to have to turn on my Sony Grand Wega just to play music.

I no longer use the tiny TV but it's still there. I may need it for the next player I buy.
Thanks Albert. I forgot to look at Pioneer's Blu-ray players. That may be the one-box solution I'm looking for.

The tiny TV is a cool idea, but I'm too cramped for space.
Albert: How do you get the TV signal into the tiny TV?
My Dolby True-HD music disk requires using the TV (to select menu options).
I looked at portable DVD players (the only small TV screens I can find other than car TVs) but couldn't find one with HDMI, S-video, composite etc. inputs.
How are you doing this?
Also, what is the brand/model of your TTV?
Well it looks like the latest Pioneer, including Elite, players rely on an on screen display. I'm afraid I'll end up with a separate CD player.
Dweller, mine is a 7" Coby LCD, lots of these and other Chinese brands at Ebay auction from about $55.00 on up.

The McCormack had one of those yellow color coded RCA jacks (composite video), and the tiny TV was fine with that signal.

The Coby came with an antenna and off the air tuner so it could deliver fuzzy images for our amusement :^). Also came with home and auto power cords and a remote control the size of a playing card.

I had mine mounted at about the same depth as my deepest bookshelf component. I relied on the remote control to turn it on and off.

Pressing the remote control "on" button gives you a picture and you can read the menu from the player. It actually works fine for that need, text is legible and clean enough for the purpose.

As I said before, this was necessary with my McCormack because it had no OCD menu. I still have it hooked up to the Blue Ray but I don't use it.
Thanks Albert. Very useful info!
I saw a few portable DVD players with the yellow mini-jack for "video in" (one even had a USB connector).
Question: Is there some kind of converter cable that takes an RCA video-out and reduces to the mini-jack video-in?
Is this how to do it?
The Coby came with that plug, an RCA to mini jack video.
Thanks Albert...