Spendor sp 1/2 which speaker cable?

Hi could anyone tell me what speaker cable they suggest to go with Spendor 1/2`s I am using a NAD s200 silverline amp. I am looking for a relatively transparent cable I think but maybe a cable that will liven up the top end a bit more as the Spendors are a bit laid back up top.
I'm using the Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity cables on my 1/2e speakers. I'm also using the Alpha Core jumpers in place of the stock brass jumpers. Sound is very balanced and top end very lively. Not to mention exceptional bass. Of course this is system dependent, but the Alpha Core cables have a 30 day trial, are relatively inexpensive, and burn in relatively quickly. Worth a try.
I use the Naim speaker cable on my SP1. Changed from Linn's cable. Big improvement. Tighter base and clarity in upper end. Even more wonderful to listen to.