Speaker Match

Vintage/new bookshelf speaker with good top and midrange.Would only need adequate bass response for around $500 if possible.
Silverline Minuets are a pretty safe bet. Best of luck.
Thank you,more suggestion are welcome.
But can the Minuets be close to the front wall, as bookshelves need to be? Surely the rear port indicates otherwise? I like the NHT 3s, which can be placed near the wall.
They can be out from the wall.
How can anyone recommend speakers without knowing if the amp you have will be able to properly drive them?

So what's your amp?
Have a Hafler 220 and vintage NAD 3020.Plan to use the NAD as my preamp.Think the amp uncertainties are answered.Any more suggestions?
ASAP after getting speakers I'd get a dedicated stereo preamp or at least audition a couple in your system if you haven't already. Using the preamp section of an integrated or AVR is frequently a significant bottleneck to better sound and getting the most out of your system.
Thought that many have chosen the NAD for just that purpose.
Maybe so, but doesn't mean there might not still be meaningful improvements to be had. And again, given the importance and level of impact a preamp can have in the context of total system performance I'd think it would still be well worth at least auditioning a couple good preamps.
Would it be wise then to use the NAD as just my phono pre?Do other members agree?
Triangle Titus or Comete. For $500-$700 you can't go wrong. Highly praised and well worth every penny.
Focal and Triangle are both French speakers and sonically about the same are they not?
Have always had interest in ADS speakers.