Speaker cables similar to Cardas Clear Reflection, but cheaper?

Happy New Year!

I have recently upgraded my phono cable and interconnect cable to the Cardas Clear phono and Cardas Clear Reflection interconnect.  I've been very impressed by both, and I'm looking to upgrade my speaker cables next.  However, the Cardas Clear Reflection is about $2800 for an 8ft. pair.  I'd like to spend about half that, if possible.  Do any of you have recommendations for something with a similar sonic signature?  My first thought was the Acoustic Zen Satori or Hologram II, as I've heard them both and like them.   


p.s.  Obviously I'll keep my eye out for used Clear Reflections, but it's hard to find the right length and connectors in good condition at the right price.
Would a legacy Cardas cable like their "Neutral Reference" work?  Haven't heard the Cardas Clear Reflection or the Neutral Reference myself so can't say how similar their "sound" is.  BUT from a price point of view, Parts Connexion has 2.5 meter runs of Neutral Reference at a heavily discounted price.  You might consider contacting Cardas for their opinion about how the two types compare. 
I believe the Clear Reflection cables are replacements for the Golden Reference, so I'm keeping my eye out for used GR, too.  I've heard that the Neutral Reference is, well, a bit more neutral.  

Thanks, Scott 
Parts Connexion has Golden Cross speaker cable at 50% discount but no Golden Reference.
I think I just enjoy spending other people's money, Scott.  :-)

Anyway, usedcable.com has Acoustic Zen Hologram II and Satori in the lengths you need.  8 feet, spade-terminated Hologram II is $795.00


If you are open minded please try this. Go to Parts  Connextion and purchase the new Duelund 16 gauge tinned and stranded copper wire in cotton. $10 meter. Do not terminate and hook up the bare wire for best sound. 10 meters will work. $100.  Twist every 1.5 inches or so.  If you do this you will smile big. 
Thanks for all the recommendations.  Ghosthouse- you could hire yourself out as a personal audio shopper.  I didn't know about Parts Conexion.  It's a cool site.  

Grannyring- I'm already using bargain cables (JW Audio) at $10 per foot.  They're excellent and have seen off some pricier competition.  

Happy New Year,
Scott, the Duelund is different and not merely budget. I have been there and done that also. Folks who know, like me, have sold off cables costing thousands for it. It is very special and read Jeff’s Place blog. Open minded Aphiles are the winners. I know it is hard to believe as we have all heard it before, but this is the real deal and made me brave enough to say it here:)