Belden 9497 or Western Electric 16 gauge,has anyone used either and which do you prefer?Thanks for any thoughts.
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Yes,your the same person who seems to trash anything that cost less than new BMW!

Hi EBM, let’s connect the Belden and western electric cable’s to a $15,000.000 to $50,000.000 pair of amp’s and see what happens, I assume you’re statement would become a learning experience as true!
How have either of you helped the OP?
john421, search this forum for "WE 16 ga" and you should find 2 or 3 threads that discuss WE wire, and may mention the Belden cable you asked about.
You may just want to buy and try, since it isn't expensive to do so.
Good luck.
They are both inexpensive so the bottom line is if it sounds good to you thats all that matters. Try both and see which one you like.
Audiolabyrinth and ebm please don't quit your day jobs and try to become a comedy act!Maybe clowns!
Yeah , reading audiolabrinths posts on Taralabs is downright dreadful . Glad you got some fanboys to play with . Let me guess your guy's ages ? 20 - 25 years of age .
I was having little fun because EBM always cracks a comment like the one above, carry on gentlemen, back in the mid 90's krell used Belden power cord's on the original Fpb amplifiers,  they sounded alot better than the power cord's I rented from the cable company back then, of course power cord's have come of age these day's and I moved on with the times,  however,  Belden would be my choice for smallest budget possible, cheers. 
Cabling is all gear and ear dependent... If it is cheap, or one can audition a loaner set at home, than why not? You be the judge. Opinions are just that, and nothing more. Certainly, not helpful. 

Not true there are great wires for $500.00 sorry !!!!

Yes, there are great wires for $500- and less. These cables/cords
are not the most revealing (if this is your thing), but there is a pleasant listening experience offered.
Analysis Oval 9 speaker cable is great at $495.00 used also for components Herbies Audio Lab Tenderfoot at $15.00 each are wonderful cost less then BMW!!
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You can be Don Rickles.
R_f_sayles summed it up nicely.

Its a trade-off between your $$ entry-level budget that in tension with one's personal tastes. Some drive Fords, some drive Chevys.

These two offerings are " just go pick one of 'em" coin flip  entry-level offerings that offer negligible to nil differences between them.  Either can work just fine with the lion's share of entry-level audio gear and virtually all of the receivers and AV gear out there .

Good to go - full stop ....

You won't be making a suggested poor choice or a wistful regret with either of them. These are not any cable choices in the strata of the sensitive and careful hi-end system synergy matching offerings.

Read the comments on the WE 16 on the site that were positive.ebm,forgot that you worked nights at the bus station!

Not a lot to add that has not been stated here except if you are into uber expensive cables you will most likely never be completely satisfied because someone is always coming up with a "better" and even more expensive cable and you just have to have it.  Especially if you are a gearhead.
Many top-notch audio folks are using Western Electric 16ga now including Jim Smith, writer of "Get Better Sound" one of audio industry's well-respected members; another is Jeff Day who brought the WE 16ga speaker wire to a lot of audio folks via his Blog, Jeffsplace.me. Jeff used the Western Electric 16ga in a variety manner including as speaker cable for Tannoy Westminster Royals, external Dueland crossovers, and so forth; he loves them. Jeff also replaced his Sablon interconnect with the Belden 8402. Jeff Day also reviews for Positive Feedback and 6Moons. The Western Electric 16ga and Belden 8402 was brought to Jeff Day's attention by one Shirokazu Yazaki-san, a Japanese builder of the SPEC Real Sound Class D amplifier that clearly mimics the best of DHSET 300B; a quantum leap product it just won accolades and "Best of Year" Awards from Positive Feedback. Yazaki-san products were quite a hit at RMAF this year. Yazaki-san SPEC turntable is a beautiful work of art as well as amazing sound wise by all reports: see Part-Time Audiophile's write-up. After Day's Blog on the Western Electric 16ga, literally thousands of folks who actually listened to the wire, from Decware Bloggers, Cable Asylum members and many other "known and respected" members of the audiophile community have replaced expensive (high hundreds to multi-thousand dollar) speaker and interconnect with WE16ga speaker and/or Belden 8402 interconnect.

Respected Audiogon members such as DIY experts Grannyring, Jetrexpro and a number of others have made the switch, replacing Audinote, Kimber, Nirvana and many other wires, too numberous to list here, with the WE and/or Belden. As always, some others did not prefer these wires. As the cliche here goes...YMMV! Room, rigs, musical taste...Best, Rob

As a long time musician I'm thinking, I wasn't as "revealing” last night during the concertos I should have been. I should of ripped my shirt off when the pyrotechnics started, now that would have been "revealing." After the concert I also heard a couple of fans complaining: "Rob was not imaging well and when the drummer dropped his stick I couldn't hear it from my seat." Second fan: "yeah, not enough resolution either; was that stage 3-D to you?"
Well, does anyone here get the point?, 

mikirob +1 - I hear you loud and clear! 
Thanks, pops! Best, Rob