Southern Illinois/Southern Indiana

New to area.Im looking for an audio club in southern Illinois/Indiana,thanks
Congratulations, you are in the most non audiophile part of the country. I do not know of any audio clubs, but I would like to maybe get together and listen to each others systems and talk shop, just let me know what you think. I live in Henderson, Ky. which is right across the river from Evansville.
You guys might want to check in with Ty at Tyler Acoustics. He's in Owensboro, KY fairly close to you and he may know some of the local audiophiles in that area (if there are any besides the two of you!)


I'm in Central Illinois, 25 miles south of Springfield. The man is correct, there are no audiophiles here. The only other two I know are Bill Duddleston of Legacy, and my uncle, who is truly more of a home theater guy. Where are you located, missoncoonery?
I live in Springfield.  I am a hardcore audiophile.
Now in Owensboro. I haven't gone to visit Ty yet. I met him years ago.