South Florida groups

Hi everybody. It looks like we are almost alone in South Florida. Best jazz and classical concerts always happens in NY, CA and other places but not South Florida. The same happens with high end audio. Not too many in our area.
I was reading some old posts in this section and I see that there are people looking for Audio Clubs or even informal groups with interest in our hobby. Maybe we don't need to organize a club but could get together for a coffee and talk about our hobby, get to know each other first before inviting somoene to our houses for auditions. This could be weekend at some bookstore with a coffee shop and get started. I used to attend meetings with a group (not audio) weekly at Barnes & Noble and it was a great place to start. They have audio magazines, records and coffee. If someone agree we could do this or even open a group at I live in Fort Lauderdale.
Regards to all.