Solution for possible MF V-link problem.

(Have no idea why...the subject got overwritten with my agon id, when I posted this a bit ago (Agon-- you may delete the one with the ml8764ag as a subject)

I won't bore you with the troubleshooting details...

Bottom Line: if you are using the V-link and getting pops and clicks and/or your Dac's lock signal light seems to go off then on at the beginning of each song...It may be because the V-link's not getting enough power from the computer bus.

Easy and cheap solution: get a powered USB HUB and make sure your Vlink's USB is plugged into it (putting everything else on it and hoping there's then enough left on the USB does not work for me).

I have an iMac...don't know if this applies to other models/makes.

I suspect people have unnecessarily returned V-Links because o this.
I have two V-Links that I use with both a Dell tower pc and a Lenovo laptop. I've not had any of the problems you've mentioned with either computer or V-Link (even when the laptop's battery is running down) and I use long 15' USB cables. In my systems they work wonderfully. Merry Christmas!