Shindo Amplifiers and Audio Note Loudspeakers?

I read recently that Art Dudley is using a Shindo Haut-Brion amplifier with Audio Note AN-E SPe HSE loudspeakers.

I am interested in reading any listening or ownership experiences with Shindo amplifiers and Audio Note loudspeakers.

Also, I am interested in other optimal non-Audio Note amplifier matches with Audio Note loudspeakers.
Me too,nice start Tvad.Merry Christmas,Bob
You may want to talk to Deja Vu Audio in Virginia. They carry Audio Note but have other low watt amp varieties.
Hi Tvad - I have been using Shindo electronics with Audio Note AN/E SPE HE for the past 12 months or so, and am VERY pleased with the results. Amp is the Cortese model (10 wpc) and Vosne-Romanee preamp. My listening room is approx 20 x 25 and the Cortese+AN combo fills the room with as much volume as my ears can stand at ~9-10:00 on the Shindo volume knob. Due to my listening room doubling as our family room/den, the speakers are not corner mounted as recommended - mine are mounted on custom-built, 500 lb Tel/TV shelves that pull out ~22 inches. Less than optimal mounting, but still sounds great. Will do my best to answer any specific questions you might have as well.
That's helpful to know, Encyclopediabsh. Thanks. My understanding from Matthew is that the Haut-Brion is out of production for many months, so it's good to know other alternatives.

Another person I know is using an Art Audio Symphony II with AN-E SPe HE speakers with good results.

My preamp is an SMc Audio VRE-1.

In the meantime, I will be trying a pair of George Wright Signature AU-15 2A3 PP monoblocks. Who knows, they may be ideal...
For what it's worth, Artie is also using the Corton-Charlemagne monos.
I did not hear that the Shindo Haut Brion is "out of production." You should call the importer Jonathan Halpern at Tone Imports who will be able to advise you correctly.
Viridian, I see that Art has gone through the Haute-Brion, Cortese, and now as the Corton-Charlemagne.

It's hard to keep up with that moving target.

Aronss, I was told by Matthew Rotunda, whom I trust to have current info regarding Shindo, that the Haute-Brion was "between production runs right now" and is not available for many months. I may have used confusing language when I stated that the Haute-Brion was "out of production for many months". What I meant to convey was that the amp will not be available for many months to come...again according to Matt. The amp is not permanently out of production.
Tvad, I have the same electonics as Encyclopediabsh but using an Altec 604 based speaker. I traded my Lamm ML2's for the Cortese amp and haven't looked back. I cannot attest to the compatiblity with the AN speakers but the Cortese amp really sounds great.
I am concerned about the scarcity of the F2a tube used in the Cortese. A Google search turns up no results when searching for suppliers of these tubes, and I'm not sure I want to be locked into only one supplier (Shindo).

Just my personal take on it.
I am using Audio Note SPe HE speakers with a Shindo Masseto preamp and Don Garbers fi WE300B Monoblocks and am very happy with the results.
Talk to Jonathan Halpern at Tone Imports if you require any information on Shindo he is a really good guy and very well informed.
You do need to site the AN-E's in the corner for the best presentation - I could not find an alternative sensitive and detailed speaker that kicks like the AN-E.
what about the Montrachet? uses EL84s which are common.
what about the Montrachet? uses EL84s which are common.
Keithr (Threads | Answers)
Sure, the Montrachet is an option, as are the other Shindo EL84 and 300B amps, but thus far no Audio Note speaker owners have reported using them.
Shocking news! In the latest Stereophile he swaps his ANs for some Wilsons and he actually likes them! Lordy, what has this world come to?

Did you get the AN-E speakers yet? If so, let us know what you think of them and what amps/preamps you've tried with them thus far...

Hce4, I took deliver about a week ago. I have tried Pass Labs XA-60.5 and George Wright Signature AU-15, and I've stayed with the AU-15 on these speakers, which are designed for tubes.

The speakers sound very nice, but it's too early to go into detail. I've yet to finalize placement, stands, cabling, and perhaps even amplification.
Thanks Tvad. Keep us posted, we're interested...
Tvad.Best of luck with your AN's.I'm looking forward to your follow up on placement and amplification.I have 845 SET Monos
and wondering if I should take the plunge.
Good luck with your speakers. I have only heard excellent things about them.
Aronsss.Best of luck with your Tannoy's.The speakers I have been thinking about are Tvad's Audio Note and your Kensington's.Looking forward to your updates as well.
Placement was pretty much finalized this weekend, although the placement will be tweaked if any element of the system changes, which is likely knowing my pattern of experimentation. I find that any change, including speaker cabling or power cabling affects speaker placement.

At this point, I am using the George Wright Signature AU-15 monoblocks with Morrow SP3 bi-wire speaker cable. Speaker stands are Sistrum SP-101. The speakers disappear, and create a deep, wide and high image. Lots of fun.

You have probably already done so somewhere else, but would you mind providing a brief description of your room where you are using the Es?

The room is rectangular...roughly 12 x 16, and the speakers are in corners, about 4" from the side walls and about 18" from the rear wall. Positioning has changed over the first two weeks including being closer to the rear wall, and the present positioning has been the best thus far.
Tvad, I'm guessing the speakers are on the short wall and toed in? I'm curious to hear what the final position will be for you. I have speakers that are optimized for corner placement and I look forward to your posts as to your final placement. Thanks.
01-25-10: Samac
Tvad, I'm guessing the speakers are on the short wall and toed in?
Correct. They are toed in so the axis crosses about three feet in front of the listening position. This is Audio Note's suggested set-up (crossing 2-4 feet in front of the listener).

At this moment, I don't anticipate changing the placement other than a possible small adjustment to the toe-in angle.

However, I will be auditioning AN speaker stands, and this may affect placement.


Thanks, sounds good. Did you buy new AN/Es or pre-loved?