Salk Sound Song3 Speakers?

The Salk Sound Silk bookshelf speakers was named one of the world’s best speakers from Audioholics forum.


Now Salk Sound has come out with these new Song3 speakers that is said to be as good as their Silk speakers.

Anyone heard these Song3 speakers at the shows?


Yes I heard them at Axpona and i ordered a pair a couple weeks ago. My favorite room at the show along with a couple others. I'll share my opinion in a couple months. 


Salk Sound is coming out with a new speaker called the Song 3.0 that will have a beryllium tweeter and Audio Technology woofer for around $3k that might be their best speakers yet.


I saw that also. I can't imagine they could sound much better than the Song3 but I'll try to hear them when they are out.

I hooked up the Song3's and they are amazing for under 3k. The sound is crystal clear. My wife even commented on how great they sounded. I need to spend some time and turn them up a little but these are a great speaker.

Keep us informed bubba. I've always been curious about the Salks.
After a few days I can say if you like a crystal clear sound you will love Salk Song3. I will return as time goes on to update.

What does crystal clear mean? Resolution, frequency response, dynamics, or?
Sorry sir. I'm a fan of good sound but I leave the audiophile words out of it. I mean the opposite of distorted. I would call it 'crystal clear'.