Rhetorical question - Sell off or Keep (Generally speaking)

Hello Gents,

I just recently bought a pair of Kef LS50s (which I'm Luvin BTW).
So now I have a pair of Dynaudio Emit 20s sitting the floor in the back of the room.
I originally planned to upgrade to the Dynaudio Special 40s (another story all together).

I have nothing at all against the Dynaudio Emit 20s other than in my situation, the Kefs seem to be providing the next level of performance I was looking for. 

I haven't swapped in the Dyns since I have connected in the Kefs, could be partially a honeymoon period I get that. 

So the real question is -  Keep the Dyns (As a backup pair) or part ways and move on.  
I don't have another room I could create for the Dyns so I imagine they will be mainly idle. 

In the past I've parted ways when upgrading however this time I'm still trying to sort this one out.
Anyway I realize there are different schools of thought on this topic. Just curious what's your M.O. when upgrading.



There is no deadline, no rush, so hold on to the Dynaudio Emit 20s until you are SURE that you want to sell them.
Right now, you don't seem certain, so wait until you are certain.
I say keep both. I find keeping two different speakers allows you to have different flavors for different musical moods.
Generally it has taken me years to later decide I should have kept some bit of kit.
Unless I really want the money, I no longer sell anything.
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I had a big pile of equipment I had saved for a few years which I finally listed here and sold them all within a couple of weeks.  Usually I sell off the old one after I am sure the newer one is better.  I did a lot of upgrades in the past 6 months to 2 different systems and the equipment I sold helped out a little with paying for the newer equipment.  We all know this is our sickness.
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I have the same kind of problem...so I use the extra gear for my computer,its way overkill but hey I can game and listen to Spotify in audio bliss :-)

Xtra stuff =
(Adcom GFA555 ,GFP565, Modwright SWL 9.0 sig, Epos ES22 spkrs, Custom AudioQuest Crystal Tri-wire (bananas) spkr cable. MSB Audio Nelson DAC, Monarchy Audio DIP 24/96. Antique Sound Labs tube headphone amp w/12AX7 Gold Lion and 2 EL84's Yugo versions and a pair of Sennheiser HD600's.  I also cant let go of a Thornes TD160 and REGA P3/24 with full Groovetracer upgrades. I have a problem huh?

Matt M
I do it all the time, think I should keep it, not use it for a while then sell it.   But somewhere down the road I say to myself I should have kept that.   Most recent example YBA headphone / DAC.   Great little unit that would have come in handy with my new Grados   
Better to sell anything that isn't being used. Value tends to drop over time. These things should be enjoyed, not hoarded.