Review: Sony SC-D777es CD Player

Category: Digital

Great player ,smoth detailed sound in cd mode ,sacd mode is some of the best sound I have heard, though selection of sacds is very small.Witch is a - for sacd.built like a tank .Some problems ,extremly slow load times ,Can drive some people nuts.Hard to place disc in player easy to scratch them on the cd well.Have to remember to place puck on disc .But right now I know of no players near this price that would give it a run for its money so I am keeping mine for now .Used they sell arround $1500 ,The rega is not near the sound of the sony and I have had problems with disc rejection due to copy protection.Both my regas did this planet 2000 and the jupiter.Funny they have sony cd parts in them .The sony is a great deal for the cash and when its dacs are dated, It will make a superb transport .Should last quite a few years .Get one if you can

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I just had AudioMod modified my 777es by replacing the clock and adding transformer outputs and it is spectacular! I'm actually listening to CD's again (sorry vinyl). I had gotten away from digital over 2 years ago and back to vinyl becuase it was so much more involving to listen to. Well, Richard's work on my 777 has given the old vinyl a run for its money.
Check it out, it's worth the effort,