Review: NAD C565BEE wt Yaoin Tube Buffer CD Player

Category: Digital

Classical and jazz are my mainstay and Boston Symphony Hall is my favorite venue for acoustical reference. I've had many great digital front ends but..................
Heaven, this must be heaven,because I've never felt like this before! Anyway, coming off my Sony 5400Modwright player, I simply wanted a good player that could get most things right and sound musical. My NAD C565BEE did just that. Enter the Yaoin tube output stage buffer (single 6922)from Pacific Valve Co. Order was smooth, shipping free, 30day trial, double boxed and free delivery...what's not to love? Upon hookup, the Yaoin stole my heart and after a couple of days it stole my soul. The combo is one of the most musical digital players I have ever heard (and I've heard alot lady's and gentlemen). It matches my 5400Modwright player in my new setup and room. It is perfect....dead quiet, dynamic as all get out, transparent, expressive, tone perfect, extended, cohesive, 3D extreme imaging with excellent palpability. it is simply addictive and definately get's the soul of the music right and dare I say it? Yes, it outshines any vinyl I've heard considering all aspects of the playback chain i.e..groove noise, distortion etc.. The Yaoin gives you all the goodness of vinylesque sound without any drawbacks. I dare you to try'll be hooked!!

Associated gear
Totem Arrows
MIT and Audioquest cabling
Totem Dreamcatcher sub

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Put a new Audioquest RG-10 PC on the Yaquin which increased dynamics even further. Tone is even better, with cleaner sounding high frequencies and better low level resolution...soft parts are more intelligible.