Review: Monster Cable Z200i Interconnect

Category: Cables

I recieved the Monster Z200i RCA's today and plugged them right in and spun Stephen Kovacevich playing Beethoven's No. 8 'Pathetique' (EMI). Now I am the biggest nitpicker and audiophile basket case this side of the Mississippi, but recently I have attempted to create a system with the most minimal approach and cost I could, while maintaining the highest degree of musicality possible. My final connection needed to allow a more robust presentation without destroying the already wonderfull alchemy I had achieved. For me everything matters, such as soundstaging, tone, dynamics and extension. The worst thing a system could do is be dull and out of tone! Compared to my MIT Oracle IC's ($4600/meter), the Z200i captured all of the magic plus it allowed even more dynamics through...perfection came to mind! The Z200i interconnect is so finely balanced and distortion free that every ounce of detail and transparency shines through with accurate tone and timbre AND stunning dynamics. Money was no object, and these cables are staying...forever:)

Associated gear
Wilson Sophia's
Krell 400xi
Sony SCD XA5400ES
MIT Oracle AC2 PC
Transparent MM Ref PC
Harm Tech Pro 9 ref spkr cables

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After extended break in and careful listening I went with MIT Magnum M1 proline IC's. The XLR outs on my Sony with the MIT's beat out the Z200i's, but they are till a great bargain:O)