Review: Bybee Technologies Gold SlipStream Purifier Tweak

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this review was posted a day ago on another site, but thought i'd post here so that some internet tweaking confidants would find it.

Bob Crump (RIP old buddy) turned me on to bybees, but he never found them acceptable in signal path applications; he only used them on AC, but to very good effect. Well, over the years Jack Bybee has expanded his product line to include bybees that are designed to go into the signal path. One of the best line of cables available, Jorma, uses bybees in its interconnects and speaker cables; i've wondered if direct DIY application into component signal lines would be effective.

Applying directly on the XLR input of my Einstein Tube preamp (easy but tedious), after a day of break-in the effect is obvious, substantial and much improved.

With tweaks, its more subtle as to what one hears than the night-and-day differences associated w/ speakers or electronics. Well, the pre- and post- bybee differences are like going from a $1k CD player to a $5k CD player in magnitude and nature of changes. An upper midrange glare and distorition frequently heard in digital is markedly reduced, giving greater resolution to energy heard in this area---inner detail of vocals (making it far easier to follow lyrics and multiple voices separately), separation and definition in strings and horns, and better definition of space within and between performers. the soundstage disassociates from the room & speakers in a surprising way.

I recall my review of the Audio Magic Pulse DX that i wrote for Positive Feedback, and for all the reasons i flipped for that item are heard again w/ the bybee in the signal path; unlike the DX, i've not found a CD that i disapproved of the bybee's effects.

of course, YMMV. if you haven't addressed the major starting points in tweaking, bybees might not be the best use of your $ and effort. i will say in advance my ambitious rig is already heavily tweaked, with room treatments on every wall, extensive work addressing vibrations and AC quality, and using high caliber cabling (though all the cabling, excl the KS Emotion speaker cable, is very affordable; AC cords are DIY, interconnects are TG Audio's current stuff).

and let me be clear: i have no interest whatsoever in bybee products.

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Hi Rhyno,
I have found it very hard to get definite opinions on the bybees in the signal path.

I really wanted to try them in my speakers. I spoke to the manufacturer (Avantgarde) and they had little information about the sonic effects.

They said that the customers that tried them didnt think they helped. In fact in one case made it worse by killing dynamics a little and bringing some coloration to the mids. Now who is to say whether it is a taste thing or a burning in issue, but it has put me off the idea considering the outlay.

Where did you find them most effective? I have the Audio magic pules too in my equipment and found them a useful but subtle improvement. They seemed to bring out more texture and remove some grain or hash. Would you say the bybees are about the same level of improvement?
they're similar in effect, but different in practice. in my review, i cited that the DX did some things to some CDs that i didn't like; i've not found CDs that i didn't like the effect the bybees were having.

friends of mine use jorma prime ICs; when pressed, they'll say the most effective location for the jorma is at the source to the preamp, so based on that logic my location for bybee installation(at the preamp input) should theoretically be the best possible location.

at the prices they cost, i was very careful about choosing a location. i have not tried them on speakers; i'm already using DIY version of walker audio's HDLs on my Wilsons, which i find indispensible; the speakers are almost unlistenable per the hashiness, jaggedness and grain in the treble without the HDLs. i'm very sensitive to distortions, as they give rise to listening fatigue.

very interesting. It all adds up as each tweak feeds the benefits on down the chain. I may well give them ago.

Did you make your own HDLs? I looked at the walker audio ones, but for me to put them on my speakers it would be approaching $2000 if not more. It would almost be cheaper to just go with bybees gold slipstreams & quantum purifiers at each of the driver terminals including the subs.