RCA Interconnect?

The the MAC cables that I'm using do not fit snug on my vintage NAD 3020 and was wondering opinions about budget cables in the $50 range that would be a good match for the amp paired with the JVC XL-Z1050.Speakers are ADS L470's.Music taste are R&B,SOUL and JAZZ..Morrow Audio MÁ1,ANTICABLES LEVEL 1,and SIGNAL CABLE ANALOG 2 all fall in that price range.Any thoughts on these are other cables?Thank you.
Hi John. I'm sure you're going to get quite a few responses. If you go vintage, I'd recommend Tara Labs 22/33, Wireworld Oasis 3/ Equinox 3, AQ Quartz, Ruby, Topaz etc... If you're handy, the Mogami 2549 cable paired w/quality RCA ends are fantastic! (I've made a few sets using entry-level Rean NYS373's and one set using Neotech DG-303. Well worth spending extra on the better rca connectors.) I was very tempted to order a set of IC's are ready made up from "Take Five Audio" in Canada. The Mogami 2549 w/Furatech FP-126 ends are $30.91 (3' one cable. Need to order 2, so $60.82 plus shipping.) If these sound anything like the one's I made up, order these. You will be pleased. One other suggestion, the Wireworld Luna 7 is very, very good for $40 1m. I own these as well as the Oasis 3. The Luna 7 would go well w/the ADS's softer sound. I'm really impressed by the Mogami 2549 though. I've interchanged quite a few IC's in my modest system which consists of  Nad 302 Int. amp, Pioneer PD-7300 cd player, Arcam Alpha 7 tuner and PSB 300 bookshelf spks. All the IC's sound good but it takes care system matching to get to "musical" if you know what I mean. I'm using the Mogami IC w/the Neotech rca's w/the Pioneer CDP (which uses the fantastic Burr-Brown 59 dacs.) Let us know what you decide on. Hope this helps, Bill. Happy Holidays!
KnuKonceptz.com...eKs Kable,$50.00,1m.Silver Plated OFC with ADJUSTABLE LOCKING RCA's that will grab hold of your 3020 in a death grip if you so choose.
MAC cables are very decent, but hey if they don't fit they don't fit.  Signal Cable is no fuss with a very good product.  Just curious, which MAC?  I could be interested.

And if you do not know this, the vintage NAD benefits greatly by bridging the pre out/amp in with any decent IC ridding yourself of the nasty steel U-jumpers.  Ciao
MAC AgQ Sound pipe.Have 2 pairs that I plan to use on another vintage system.The sound is fine,connects fine to the CD player but as some know it's cramped in the back of the NAD so the fit of the cables just doesn't fit snug.
That is true with the locking rca's,but rca's with a smaller diameter would help as well.
the original AQ Diamondbacks work well, the later version has a rounded/wider RCA, original is thin and straight...
ZU ,small ,very hi-quality connectors, neutral sound + off their ebay posts best value in audio hands down .
 Mission IC is very small .