"free music" at your local LIBRARY...

Just want to post a message that most municipal libraries carry a vast selection of music on CD and LP. With a library card you can sample a variety of delights free, for usually a week to three weeks. LPs may not be as attractive if you have a valuable cartridge you don't want to risk, but CDs are a rather risk free proposition.. clean 'em and play.
Also, for those with unwanted CDs, but you don't care to sell them for the pittance the used CD stores offer... donate them to you local library! Most municipal libraries would love such a gift, no matter how small, or obscure! (and are a tax writeoff)
Any comments?
Thank you, Elizabeth! May I applaud the commendable recommendation to donate. I'm sure many of us have multiple performances in classical (to state my case) that just sit there for "reference" purposes -- or because we never warmed to them. These could be a beginning, for some. Likewise with remastered re-issues sounding better/worse that double up in our music library.
Cheers, and good for you!
You can always tell which library CD's I rented--they're the ones which now have green edges!
Our local libraries have long done away with LP format, offering only CD. If you are fortunate enough to catch the local library sale when they discontinue LP's, you may find yourself with many good records at a low price. (And, you are donating money back into the Library system, so everyone wins).

By the way, many public radio stations operate on a shoestring budget, and often have sales or auctions to assist in their needs. This is a very good place to donate your unwanted goods and duplicate records. Please consider your local NPR station, they need our help.

Kind regards,
Brian Weitzel
Record Research Lab
Thanks for your insight Elizabeth, the Library is already listed in the Palm Pilot for today.

It is also refreshing to see that others donate to NPR, especially manufacturers, Thanks Brian. BTW, great record cleaning fluid!
I'm glad to see that at least one other person paints the edges of CD's even if there just from the library. It amazes me the difference that small tweeks can make to basically a high-end system.