PS Audio Noise Harvester

I got one as a gift and wondered, since there are only a handful of threads, I'm curious if anyone knows why:

All of my components are connected to a Furman Elite 15PF. When powered on, whether components are on or off, the NH does not blink at all. When I shut down the system via the main power switch on the Furman, the NH blinks like crazy and continues to blink most of the time. As soon as I power on the Furman and as long as it remains on, the NH never blinks.

Question: could this be due to the Furman cleaning the power both ways? Incidentally, I do not really hear or see any improvement in audio or video with the NH added to the same line as the Furman.
Maybe the Furman does clean everything up that well.

You do have the Noise Harvester on the electrical line before the Furman, right?
Yes, the Noise Harvester is plugged into the SAME outlet as is the Furman; NOT plugged INTO the Furman.
Interesting - I have mine plugged in to the same duplex as my BPT CPC and it blinks happily all the time. When I plug it straight into the BPT transformed section it goes out and stays out.

Can't hear a difference either way