PS Audio Directstream Bridge II stability with Roon

I am in the hunt for a simpler one box digital front end that can simply hook up to a stable Ethernet Cat 6 Ethernet cable from my gigabit switch and stream high res (DSD, 24 bit, etc) and Qobuz , Tidal, with minimal headaches. My PC is attached to same gige switch. I have read numerous reports and reviews about the sound quality of the direct stream dac. I am interested in its stability as Roon endpoint in particular. Where does it’s networking performance fall in the range of 0 to 10;
0 being a glitchy piece of hardware with poorly written software that has latent software bugs ( aka half baked solution but they needed to ship product and figured we will patch it)
10 being rock solid. It works perfectly provided the Roon server and network up, of course.
budget is approximately about the direct stream with bridge.



This the nuc at frys: Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) Core i7 Barebone PC BOXNUC7I7BNHFrys#: 9211989 Model: 950951

So all i need is 256 GB ssd, 32GB ram then the free Roon Rock os...correct?

I wonder about the stability of the usb driver roon rock implements with the Exogal...vs the one i know that works perfectly,  namely win 10.

Same question for Audiotroy: if I go with a Lumin streamer, can i expect reliability on the usb link to dac?

Thanks for your time. 

I used the following:  NUC7i7BNH, 250 gbyte m.2 SS drive, and only 8 gbytes of ram.  I followed the Roon site instructions. They claim you should not need more than 8 gbytes of ram.  250 gbytes was the smallest m.2 drive Fry’s had when I went there.  Updated Intel  bios, installed Roon OS, and then the codexes.  The only thing is that the codexes are double zipped, so you need to unzip twice before transfer to the NUC.  I did not put a hard drive in the NUC since I use the NAS.  Cannot comment on using usb with Roon, since I only used usb to set up the Roon Software. 

Hope me this helps.
Update: I got a new PS Audio DSD with the Bridge II;
The basic setup is:
i7 PC running Roon Core --> Netgear Gige Switch --> Flat Cat 6 Network Cable (30 feet) --> Bridge II
-I have a 5TB HDD attached to the Roon Core PC via USB 3.0; this drive is loaded with 44.1/16 PCM, High Rez PCM and DSD 64;

With Roon everything works 100% perfectly with everything including Tidal EXCEPT when I select my DSD files from the HDD; Occasionally I experience slight ticks and pops (almost sounds like random vinyl);

Was hoping for a 100% solid solution for all formats but can live with this happily for now. The audio performance is wonderful. Incredible SQ across the board; 
I have experimented with roon core direct USB to PS-DSD USB input with zero issues across all formats and streaming services; Works as one would expect.

DSD aside Roon/ Bridge II works flawlessly and has not burped; unlike more frequent heartburn with other streamers.

I am probably going to go with a dedicated streamer, deciding between Aurender N100 (non Roon) or Innuos Zen 2TB (stay in Roon ecosystem); very similar money. Both reported to be excellent transports. The Aurender appears more pro and polished to me. I like that display.

Since I really only have one Roon endpoint about the only thing i’d truly miss is the awesome presentation of Meta data and organization that Roon has.

The selection of dedicated streamer is 100% based on what will sound the best with the PS-DSD (hooked up via USB); I will pull the Bridge II device from the unit and sell it. Not sure how much it’s worth though. Maybe a few hundred?

Thoughts and feedback welcome.