Powered Speaker Recommendation

I have a AudioTechnica LP1240 turntable that is currently running into a pair of active powered Mackie SRM450's via an Allen & Heath 16 channel mixer. I have gone through the turntable setup procedures for the AT100E cartridge. The overall sound lacks depth and provides an inferior sound field. I have used the SRM450 for live PA and thought I would try these for sound production in my man cave. The room is approximately 20x20. I have been looking at powered "bookshelf" speakers and most specifically at the Audioengine A5+. Anyone out there have an opinion on if this would create better imaging versus my current setup? I would like active/powered speakers. I have also looked at the Yamaha HS8. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Many people have criticized me heavily for my comments on active studio monitors. Your problem is a perfect example as to why I make those claims. 

Studio monitors are made to serve a different purpose than traditional home audio. I think the right solution would be to buy home audio speakers instead, and drive them with an integrated amp that is also meant for home audio. Also, keep in mind that every component in the system contributes to imaging/staging. It only takes one mismatched component to ruin the imaging properties of the whole system. It doesn't matter how good the speakers are, either. Its not enough to compensate for other flaws.
KEF if they fit your budget
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