Plinius 250 MarK IV vs BAT 500 with BAK PAK

I have the Andra I, the original, right now I am using
Plinius SA 100, the musicality of this system, is
very very good. I want both musicality and a good
bass,My Plinius is not able to provide the bass that
the Andra are capable.I am not interested in upgrading
my Andra.So I believe with my Plinius I am only hearing
80% on what the Andra are capable.Thanks and Happy
New Year to all.

CDP SonyModWright 9000esDVP with Tube Stage, with
volume control.
Cables Tara lab Master Gen II Ref
Interconect Luminous Audio Ref Sygnature
PS300 power plant
PowerCords VD Nite
Model 11 CPC,Van Den Hul pc.
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Hi Jayctoy, Happy Holidays to you. I haven't auditioned the BAT amp, but I had the same issues with my Plinius SA 100 MkII driving my then B&W Matrix S2's. The 100 sounded wonderful, but I knew that I was not getting the best out of my 801's. Upgrading to a SA250 was dramatic in terms getting a grip on the speakers. The bass now is very tight and deep. Like the B&W's, more power and current is the key to your Andra's sounding their best.You certainly have some very good gear to go along with 250. The Plinius SA250 in Class A is a sonic treat you will love...:) Best-Ken
I have listened to the Bat on my Krell Ksa-250 beats it out in every area IMO. I have not listened to the big Plinius but from what I have may stomp the Big Krells butt.

I don't think the Plinius and the Bat are in the same price range on the used market? I am thinking about twice the Bat price the last time I looked...I could be wrong though.

Hi Bon- I have experience with everything you mention. I previously owned a BAT VK-500w/bat pak a friend has the Plinius SA-250mkIV and yet another local friend perviously owned the Andra I(upgraded to mkII status). I feel the plinius is the warmest sounding, the bat is good but not as resolute as the JC-1's which I know your familiar with. The bat also has a some what darker sound to it, its a little more laid back and NEVER in your face or aggressive. While those attributes sound good, it can lead to dull listening sessions. My local friend was running a 220 watt VAC amp on the andra's and I don't think it was enough power(which is ultimately why he ended up selling them). Niether the Plinius or the BAT models that you mention are being produced any more so there value is going to drop rapidly. I'd take the JC1's over either any day of the week(this is not because I have a set for sale, just for the money I think its near impossible to beat). You may also want to think about a fully updated Classe Omega, they offer great amounts of power and possibly even better sound then any of the others mentioned. I also have begun to wonder about expensive SS amps that do not double there power from 8-4 ohms, it seems like poor design and or inadequate power supply, both of which are unacceptable in an amp in this price range- IMO.