Ozric Tentacles Anyone?

I recently discovered Ozric Tenacles "Jurassic Shift" through Pandora.com (great music site).

This band really kicks it!

I'd describe it as atmospheric, progressive rock jams. Think of some of the longer Porcupine Tree instrumentals. Different though.

Great recording as well.

Highly recommended.
Strangeitude is good to as well as Erpland.
Strangeitude is good to as well as Erpland.
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Are these substantially different musically...or are they more of the same?
I agree that Strangeitude is great. If you like that one then Arborescence is very similar so you should like that one as well. But yeah...it's kinda more of the same. You might want to check out their technoish side project called Eat Static. I'm surprised more prog guys don't talk about the Ozrics.
I had picked up 'The Floor's Too Far Away' and was kind of on the fence. It has it's moments but I didn't like the way the guitar tracks were done. Perhaps not the best introduction to this band?
Yeah rule of thumb on Ozric Tentacles all their stuff starts to sound the same. So two or three of their catalog should be enough. Strangeitude is my fave and erpland runs a close second. I do like Jurassic Shift though. Be aware that they do have 2fers,2 albums on one cd on ebay and amazon too.
Ozrics dude! these guys rule! They're probably the most underrated psychodelic band out there. They got it all: prog, psych, groovy bass lines, techno beats, ambient excursions into the unknown....you name it. I still remember the first time I heard the opening track on the double CD compilation Afterwish... I was floored. Strangeitude and Arborescence are a must. And their live shows are a total kick! Check out Myriapod off Arborescence if you are into guitar riffs! And Snakepit still baffles me, clearly a very smart guitarrist who knows how to handle delay pedals like no one else. Be sure to surf their entire catalog. There's very little that will dissapoint you.

oh, and listen to Qdrone, he's right: Snapper reissued their catalog in a double cd edition (2for1 format). Problem was: thy butchered the covers (I hated this!!! Blim's artwork is very original and psychodelic). Don't know why in the ..... they would replace the covers with amateur crappy artwork. I spoke with Ed Wynn about it and he wasn't happy either.

now go fetch the pongmaster!!!!!!
I recommend Arborescence in addition to Jurassic Shift. The others are similar to these two IMO. All great though! Check out Return to Forever's "Romantic Warrior" as well for jazzy version.

Afterswoosh is also great. It's a collection of songs from '84 to '92 that were previously only released on cassette.

I saw them in concert a couple of years ago. Wow, if I were on 'shrooms I'd have probably freaked out. The most psychedelic show I think I've ever seen.
Picked up Erpland in the used bin at my local haunt. Will give it a go tonight.

03-23-08: Aball
I recommend Arborescence in addition to Jurassic Shift.
So, Arborescence is different musically from Jurrasic Shift, and these two recordings cover the general musical flavor of the rest of the discography?

Do I understand this correctly?
Ya, I love this stuff. If you like this then try some of the older Camel stuff as it is very cool.
Erpland was much more enjoyable to me. 'Mysticum Arabicola'is a lot of fun. The title cut had me fantasizing - what if Geddy Lee would keep his mouth shut for an album and Rush put out something like this? Some of these cuts will definitely make my ski mix. Inspiring thread - thanks guys.
Yeah Erpland is just lettin it all hang out jams. Try Strangeitude it is great too.

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One or two of their albums is more than enough. No vocals, and few hooks outside of the strange synth sounds themselves. Just seems like a baseline to jam on at most points. Yeah, it is interesting sometimes, but I really have to be in the mood for it. Kind of like background prog/metal, if you know what I mean. Not really "audiophile" fodder either.

I much prefer Porcupine Tree, or The Flower Kings, or many other prog bands to Ozric.

Bob, I basically agree with you, although "Jurassic..." is an audiophile recording, IMO.

I've never been able to get past the Flower Kings' vocals, although I like the music.