Otomon Labs. Soundgate Japan

Has anybody purchased an amp made by Ken Uesugi from Otomon Labs/Soundgate in Japan?
I’m seriously thinking of getting a 2A3 amp, but keen for any feedback. Everything I’ve read looks good, but buyer experience is invaluable. 
Thanks in advance. 

Until now, Ken has been the best kept secret in audio. When I say audio, I mean vintage and bespoke Japanese audio MANIA. The man is a master of this mysterious art, a mad genius confined to his dark, smoke-filled workshop. Take a look at the selection of items he lists on his website. Some seem like junk, but are in fact carefully selected, exquisite national treasure goods. He can make a fully bespoke amplifier using any of the legendary parts to your exact specification and budget. I personally have experience with two type 71A amplifiers, the latter of which was custom designed. I asked for a somewhat dark sounding piece with lots of drama and emotion, which was delivered in spades. I asked for a specific design using natural wood and raised copper plates, and he allowed me to participate in the design process on the level of layout. You can see the finished piece in a recent post to the website. Finally, it was surprisingly affordable. I was so happy with the result that I ordered a matching phono preamp, which is currently in the works. Overall, an extremely unique and satisfying experience, a throwback to the golden age of mania.

Hello sir, how are you?
Please, can you tell me more about the Otomon from Japan?
I’m not finding too much info, just found your experience and another user that described a disaster situation..
Do you know more people that purchased amps from Otomon?
Any additional info is very much appreciated! I do not received his e-mail back yet...
by the way, I think I not fully undertstood about the amplfiiers, appears to be only vintage pieces, including lots of vintage components inside that shows a lot signs of use...
He build also new ampliifiers, with new components?
Honestly, I do not found the build quality impressive, I’m missing something?
Please, let me know, many thanks! best regards!
Let me be more specific:

When I look his various amplifiers design, I think they are interesting, uniques, but sometimes very intriguing, strange..

For example, I noticed that in some amps, he uses vintage parts, vintage capacitors!?!?!? how such old capacitors can delivery nice performance? vintage transformers, some very old. from the 50's 60's 70's I think... he also sells this components...

What I found most intriguing is that in some amps he uses vintage western electric wires! wha's about that? I mean, very old wires, you can see clearly the signs of age deterioration..

Someone can explain about this design approach? 

This is totally new for me...

In general, the amps appears always to have some vintage components, some more than others...

The work appears to be unique, interesting, but also intriguing, strange...
I don't know anything about these amps or the man - here's another thread from a few days ago that has a different view - linking just for your info
Yes, I saw this, that why I would like to talk with more people that already purchased custom made amps with the man... It's being hard to find I must say..